What Are the Meanings Behind the Number of Roses in a Bouquet?

What Are the Meanings Behind the Number of Roses in a Bouquet?

Roses possess a language of their own. In the previous blog release, we shared insights into colors of roses and their meaning. But, the number of these roses in a bouquet also can’t be understated. Just as with color, the size of the bouquet has varying shades of meaning. You can use it to express yourself, and speak to your love interest in new ways they’ve not experienced through words.

We prepared an exciting list that explores deep below the surface of numeral meaning. You will also find a few very unique entries about superstition and popular culture, so let's dive in.

Meanings Behind the Quantity of Roses


This is usually a symbol of care, and a way to remind someone that they are special to you, or in romantic scenarios, a way to indicate love at first sight. It’s a common first date gift, as well as a classy way to show interest.


This symbolizes a sense of duality and bond. It could be a way to show celebration for mutual feelings in a relationship. Because of the dual nature of the number, two roses could deliver a more intricate message by being of different colors.


This number is reminiscent of the saying ‘three magic words’. They indicate an expression of love, and it’s safe to say they achieve the greatest effect when unexpected, since it’s a way to mask the expression.


This number doesn't have a very obvious symbolic meaning. We don’t usually associate the number four with anything very mystical or emotional. That’s for a good reason. It echoes of a strong foundation (four sides), and could resonate with a message of stability and comfort, especially to a stoic person that doesn’t express too many emotions.


This is one of the few numbers that signifies perfection and a high standard. They are a practical way to show your love interest that they are of immense value to you. It’s also an exciting way to congratulate a friend or family member on success. Think of five roses like you’re leaving someone a five star review.


A number strongly associated with extreme passion and infatuation. Gifting roses always has the undertone of love and affection, but if you’d like to spice things up and show passion in the mix, they are one of the most direct ways. Six roses are also a good way to indicate that feelings for a love interest have matured.


These will truly speak for themselves. Seven is considered a lucky number across many cultures, even being a number of divine favor in some. If you’ve hit a love jackpot with the ideal, valuable person, with seven roses you can express how lucky you feel to have them. They are also a fine gift to show support to anyone down on their luck lately.


This symbolizes gratitude, appreciation, and support. A bouquet of eight roses isn’t necessarily romantic. It’s great for family members, friends, and even people you need to show support to, but aren’t too close with. If someone is going through a sudden change in life and you want to show support, eight is a great start. Some rose colors have this underlying tone, which could strengthen your message.


Thought of as a sign of eternal love. They amplify the meaning carried by numbers such as three, its square root, and four, the only other square number so far. They’re a bouquet given to signify your love is stronger and more stable than any obstacle, timeless, and at the very least, lifelong. Nine roses make a tasteful engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift.


Another bouquet that speaks for itself. Ten is considered the number of ideal quality and perfection. Similar to five, it’s closely associated with a ten out of ten rating. If you struggle to find the right compliment, ten roses can speak for you. It’s like saying you are happy with the perfect person, and need nothing else.


This number is considered passionate in a mature way. As there are twelve months in a year, the message is clear as day. They symbolize a year long love or obsession that one can’t escape from. They are an amazing one year anniversary gift, and especially if you go with Glam Fleur Roses, which also last 12+ months.


This may initially come off as unlucky, due to popular belief and taboo. That really shouldn’t be the case. The number holds a completely opposite meaning for many people, but is overshadowed by superstition. Thirteen symbolizes something that doesn’t fit in with the rest. This unknown property raises suspicion and fear in some, but if your love interest is a person of open mind, thirteen roses are a great way to tell them they’re special and unique.


A great way to apologize and show sincerity after a mistake. It’s natural to make one, and picking the right gift to show remorse can help show commitment and sincere apologies. Fifteen roses are a tasteful way to ask for forgiveness, and it’s a bouquet hard to answer negatively.


A special combination of genuine love and extreme passion. This is one of our favorite numbers for a bouquet. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right balance between showing love and showing passion. Sixteen is the perfect balance, holding the passionate energy of six, the stable tone of four, and the ten for admiration.


This number is considered similar to fifteen in terms of honesty. They are a bouquet symbolizing truth, honesty, and pure intentions. It can feel wrong to claim truth and honesty through words, so an action speaks better. If your love interest needs a reminder of your genuine feelings and care for them, let them see the truth.


A sign of maturity and commitment. As a symbol, twenty one is associated with youth, a transition to adulthood, and parental love. If your relationship is maturing or going through a transition, twenty one roses could make a great reminder of your personal commitment. Also, twenty one roses are a common engagement bouquet, one you can never go wrong with.


A number that represents intense infatuation. As there are twenty four hours in a day, this bouquet speaks about never ending thoughts about a love interest. It’s like thinking about them all day is inescapable. They are a romantic way to show someone they’re always on your mind.


A dramatic way of showing a similar infatuation as twenty four, but more extreme and long lived. Thirty six has a time related meaning. It's a combination of twenty four hours and twelve months. It speaks about the special person in your life being a year long obsession of yours.


This carries the meaning of mature, pure, and genuine love. Forty finds its meaning in the belief that forty years of marriage mark genuine love, or soul mates. Sometimes you just can’t wait forty years though, and you want to show how far your feelings have matured and become pure. It’s fine to introduce the motive of forty roses much earlier, as it can serve as a relationship goal to strive towards.


A number that will instantly click with anyone who knows the popular reference. According to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, forty two is the answer to the meaning of life and everything. It was written by Douglas Adams in a comical way, but took on immense symbolic popularity. If your love interest has a nerdy side you appreciate, this is probably your ticket to their heart.


A number that speaks of limitless love. They are a very physical gesture, like the following entries in the list, but that’s completely okay. Sometimes the meaning is not loud enough, so a big bouquet should be your amplifier. Fifty roses are a bountiful bouquet typically given once a relationship has become mature and serious. They are a great reminder that your love is not ordinary, but plentiful and limitless.


As close as you can get to expressing eternal love. It’s a very serious and mature gift. One that truly screams the meaning of nine roses, just many times louder. Ninety nine roses are a breathtaking anniversary gift that serves to confirm how you feel in a very stylish, but loud way. This bouquet also has an undertone meaning of your relationship being as close to perfection as humanly possible.


A gesture of being head over heels in love. When words cannot describe it, and other gifts just simply can’t speak enough. Sometimes you just have to go over the top, you’re simply compelled. A hundred roses truly are dramatic, but in a very rational way. It’s as close as admitting a person made you crazy in love as you can get. And there is nothing wrong with that! Gifts and roses are a language, and each word has its place.

In Conclusion

With all of that, we conclude our analysis of the rose language for today. We hope you are inspired to show your emotions through a specific bouquet. As mentioned, the other greatest carrier of meaning, other than the number, is the color of roses, which we have covered in depth. If you combine these two, your possibilities for an emotional message expand exponentially.

Check out our web store and our bouquets of different colors and sizes. We thank you for taking an interest in the flower language and our blog. Stay glamorous!


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