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Choose the perfect luxury bouquet for any occasion from our large selection of artfully curated and perfectly preserved real rose arrangements. We're experts at crafting unique arrangements using our luxury preserved roses, and our attention to detail can make anyone feel special. Because we handcraft our arrangements with roses that last all year, your loved one can admire them for months to come.

Unlike traditional fresh-cut bouquets, our one-year-lasting roses endure without water or sunlight. To prolong their lifespan and keep them as beautiful as possible, all you need to do is keep them out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry environment.

Why Long-Lasting Roses Are Worth Every Penny

At Glam Fleur, our luxury arrangements are more than expensive roses that come in a box. Your loved ones can admire a preserved bouquet much longer than they can keep traditional flowers. That fact makes our products a treasure that anyone will cherish.

We also offer roses at impressive prices, allowing you to gift a bit of extravagance without going out of your budget. A high-end florist can charge up to $90 for a freshly cut bouquet. Our roses have a similar price point, but their beauty lasts far longer than the average bouquet. Incredible value and unparalleled beauty make our roses worth every penny. When you gift year-round opulence, you purchase roses that are:

Ideal for any occasion: From Mother's Day and Valentine's Day to anniversaries and birthdays, our breathtaking arrangements will help you say whatever is on your mind in a one-of-a-kind way
Long-lasting and beautiful: While traditional live bouquets will only be in peak beauty for a few days, our preserved roses allow your loved one to admire their stunning arrangement for at least a year
Completely customizable: We have options that enable you to create an arrangement for the person you love by selecting your roses' color and container style
Appreciated by everyone: You can feel confident in your gift when you give someone luxury preserved roses that are stunning, thoughtful, and full of meaning

Luxury Preserved Roses From Glam Fleur

The artisans at Glam Fleur take pride in creating rose arrangements that embody the pinnacle of luxury. Flowers have been used as symbols of people's feelings for centuries. When we craft your bouquet, we do so with the care and attention it takes to impress your loved ones and anyone else who sees your gift. Our team wants the recipient to treasure their roses for as long as possible, so we go above and beyond for every order.

Do you need a vivid arrangement for a birthday or a timeless design for Valentine's Day? Glam Fleur will produce a stunning piece that will stand out in anyone's home or office.

Besides designing our lavish arrangements, we also prioritize customer service. When you work with us, you can expect us to deliver your flowers promptly in gorgeous packaging. Our team strives to provide high-quality designs and a seamless experience for everyone who orders our one-of-a-kind rose bouquets.

Our preserved Ecuadorian roses' quality and impressive price point make our arrangements the perfect gifts for every occasion. Browse our exclusives selection to find stunning bouquets for your loved ones.