Roses in Heart Box

What's more symbolic of love than a heart? And what's more enduring than our beautifully preserved roses? The combination of both is a heartfelt expression of love that's sure to make a memorable impression.

Glam Fleur specializes in preserving roses at the peak of their bloom, ensuring their natural beauty is captured and maintained for years. Our heart-shaped boxes, filled with these long-lasting roses, make for a perfect gift, whether it's a romantic gesture, a sweet anniversary surprise, or a Valentine's Day special.

An Array of Colors to Choose From

Our heart-shaped boxes come with a variety of preserved rose colors to choose from. Whether you want to stick to the traditional romantic red, the elegant and soft white, or choose a unique hue that resonates with your personal sentiment, we've got it covered.

A Gift That Lasts

Unlike traditional flowers that wilt and fade in a few days, our preserved roses maintain their vibrant hues and fresh appearance for years. Our Roses in a Heart Shaped Box are not just a fleeting gesture; they're a constant reminder of your heartfelt emotions, symbolizing a love that stands the test of time.


How long will the preserved roses last?

Preserved roses can last for over a year with proper care, making them a long-lasting symbol of love.

Can I customize the Roses in a Heart Shaped Box?

Yes, you can select the rose color to tailor the arrangement to your preference.

What are the delivery options for the Roses in a Heart Shaped Box? We offer both local and international delivery options for our preserved roses.

Are the roses in your arrangements real?

Yes, all our roses are real and naturally preserved to maintain their beauty and freshness for a long time.

Express your love with our Roses in a Heart Shaped Box - a timeless symbol of love and beauty, specially curated by Glam Fleur for those truly special moments.