New Arrivals

Step into a world where the classic charm of roses meets innovative designs. Presenting "New Arrivals" at Glam Fleur, where every piece is a unique blend of tradition and modernity, crafted to perfection just for you.

There's always something magical about a fresh bloom, the delicate petals, the rich colors, and the heady fragrance. At Glam Fleur, we encapsulate this magic into our perserved roses, ensuring they remain as breathtaking as the day they were picked.

Why Our "New Arrivals" Shine Bright:

Burst of Freshness: Our new collection epitomizes freshness. Every preserved rose is a testament to nature's beauty, captured and kept intact for you to cherish for a long time.

Modern Meets Timeless: While we pride ourselves on retaining the timeless appeal of roses, our "New Arrivals" infuse a touch of contemporary flair, making each piece a blend of age-old elegance and modern sophistication.

Tailored for All: Whether you're looking to surprise a loved one or find that perfect centerpiece for your living room, our "New Arrivals" cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Discover the Magic of Glam Fleur:

Our commitment to quality and beauty remains unwavering. With every new collection, we strive to surpass our own standards, ensuring that when you choose Glam Fleur, you choose unparalleled excellence. Dive into our "New Arrivals" and experience the fresh wave of designs and the everlasting charm of our perserved roses.


What makes "New Arrivals" different from other collections at Glam Fleur?

Our "New Arrivals" showcase the latest trends and designs in preserved roses. While they retain the timeless beauty of roses, there's a touch of contemporary flair in every piece.

How long do the perserved roses in the "New Arrivals" collection last?

Glam Fleur's perserved roses are crafted to last for months, if not years, with minimal care. Their beauty remains intact, making them a lasting memory.

Are there any special care instructions for the roses?

Our perserved roses thrive best when kept away from direct sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures. A gentle dusting occasionally will keep them fresh and vibrant.

Can I customize my order from the "New Arrivals" section?

Certainly! We understand unique preferences and are always ready to cater to special requests. Get in touch, and let’s craft something beautiful together.

Discover the latest in floral elegance with Glam Fleur’s "New Arrivals". Indulge in the charm of fresh designs, and let the timeless beauty of our perserved roses captivate your heart.