Real Roses That Last 365+ Days

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    Real roses
    We preserve real roses at the peak of their natural freshness to capture their beauty for 12+ months. We source our one-of-a-kind flowers from the beautiful fields of Ecuador to ensure each of our roses is exceptionally stunning. This attention to detail makes our arrangements the best quality on the market. Because our real preserved roses last for a year, they can wow your favorite person for months to come.
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    Authentic luxury
    Our arrangements are showcased in luxurious boxes that have been handcrafted by gifted artisans. We craft every arrangement meticulously and design each one with perfection in mind. As a luxury rose company, we take pride in every petal of our designs and the overall appearance of our one-of-a-kind, high-end bouquets.
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    Easy delivery
    We prioritize our delivery services to make your customer experience as seamless as possible. You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one will receive their luxury rose arrangement promptly, delivered exactly as promised. For an effortless delivery, we provide FREE standard shipping in the U.S. and offer next-day delivery on orders placed before 12 PM PST.

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Choose the perfect luxury bouquet for any occasion from our large selection of artfully curated and perfectly preserved real rose arrangements.

The Glam Fleur Secret

We believe in sharing only the best nature has to offer. All of our roses are handpicked in lush Ecuadorian fields to ensure each bloom is of the highest quality. And our proprietary, non-toxic preservation process allows you to enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of our bouquets for 12+ months

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Why Roses That Last a Year Are Great Gifts

When you give someone our one-of-a-kind luxury preserved roses, they'll appreciate their flowers for months to come. Unlike traditional living bouquets, our roses require no water or sunlight—they'll look breathtaking without additional care. Our real preserved roses will also:

Cater to anyone's preferences:

With our customizable options, you can tailor your arrangement to anyone's tastes by selecting roses that are vivid and bold or subtle and classic

Offer one-of-a-kind beauty:

Our roses that last one year provide a source of beauty anywhere you put them because their preservation keeps them intact without proximity to a light source

Act as an ideal gift anytime:

Our magnificent rose designs will help you say whatever is on your mind—from a "happy birthday" to a simple "I love you"

Wow your recipient:

Our stunning arrangements delivered in elegant packaging are the perfect thoughtful surprise

Provide a high-quality design:

Because we get our roses from Ecuador, our arrangements will always look larger and more striking than other designs, making our products the pinnacle of luxury
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