About Us

GlamFleur offers a unique experience in the world of Luxury Flower. Whether it is a gesture of romance or a Corporate gift, their timeless glamour accentuates any decor with the highest quality and sustainability at heart.  

Luxurious in look, feel, aroma, and presentation, all of our arrangements of luxury roses feature the Ecuadorian roses, which are hand-selected by our trained botanist. When you purchase from GlamFleur, you are receiving not just a product, but a unique rose presentation delivering a visual and sensory experience of timelessness, glamour, of our arrangements. We are committed to offering customer satisfaction and pledge to provide an experience that is unequivocally high in quality. Our long-lasting roses are a contemporary expression of unfaltering perfection that is uniquely GF.


GlamFleur timeless masterpiece creations are the culmination of our uniquely, elegant lifestyle vision. We strive to transform your floral experience. To make anyone feel special, regardless of the occasion, by offering an exceptional work of art that deliver enduring qualities. This is what GF stands for. 

Experience Glamour

Beauty and life were once celebrated with lavish displays of extravagance through their unique gifts. GlamFleur strives to reproduce a modern-day understanding of these times, with a return to gifting with glamour and generosity once only afforded to royalty. Our luxury roses and arrangements are specifically created to heighten all occasions. 

Quality of Luxury

Our long-lasting roses are handcrafted by the artisan and guaranteed with uncompromising attention to detail. The end result is luxurious, high end, glamorous Rose arrangements that celebrate the beautiful things in life. 

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to the highest level of excellence in every facet of your experience with us. We pledge to give you an experience that will exceed all of your expectations from start to finish.