What is the Meaning of Different Rose Colors?

Purchasing roses for someone can either be a joyful or stressful process. Joyful because everyone loves roses and stressful because the different colors of roses reflect different feelings and emotions.

When you know exactly the meaning of each rose color, you can pick the proper shades to accurately send a sincere message to the recipient.

Discover in this article the meaning and significance of each of the rose colors - a great way to make your gifts more meaningful.


Often associated with love, red roses also mean passion and voluptuousness. In a bridal bouquet, red roses embody bliss in marriage as well as mutual respect and appreciation. In fact, there's no better way to express your feelings than with a bouquet of red roses.

The red rose is perfect for:

  • Pleasing your partner on Valentine's Day
  • Revealing your love to someone
  • Testifying the ardor of your feelings of love

Deep red roses are also used to express that a person is ready for commitment.


A peach rose symbolizes modesty. The peach color also indicates excessiveness, gratitude, innocence, and authenticity. A peach rose is thus the ideal rose to tell your partner that you are trustworthy. It is also an appropriate gift when closing a business deal. Peach roses can also be used to demonstrate how deeply you miss someone.

The peach rose is perfect for:

  • Showing sympathy to a beloved one or a dear friend
  • Saying “thank you”
  • A gift when closing a business deal


In ancient Scotland, when a white rose blooms in autumn, it is considered to be a sign of early marriage. The white rose represents humbleness, blamelessness, and integrity.

It is often called the bridal rose and is associated with juvenile love. Also, symbolizing respect and truth, it sends a message of loyalty and says "I am worthy of you".

 The white rose is perfect for:

  • Celebrating a new romantic and marital bond
  • Paying tribute to someone who passed away
  • Offering your mother to show your admiration for her


If you want to send a gift to someone with an underlying message of kindness, then you should go for the pink rose. The pink rose also carries extra meanings of gratitude and appreciation. Moreover, its pale shades symbolize grace, admiration, happiness, and gentleness.

The pink rose is perfect for: 

  • Expressing admiration in regards to someone's refinement
  • Translating beauty and wrapping it up in a bouquet
  • Conveying joy and gentleness



Back in Victorian days, the yellow rose represented jealousy. Today, it is all about friendship, joy, and caring. A bouquet of yellow roses symbolizes warmth, gladness, and affection. Yellow roses are also associated with success and altruism. 

 The yellow rose is perfect for: 

  • Pleasing a friend who makes you happy
  • Celebrating Births
  • Highlighting the birthdays of your loved ones



Looking for a way to express admiration with an underlying message of excitement? If you are, then send a bouquet filled with orange roses. These fiery blooms, with their warm vibrant tone, symbolize enthusiasm and desire. The orange rose can be used to express, with subtlety, a secret love.

 The orange rose is perfect for: 

  • An imaginative alternative for Valentine's Day
  • Expressing attraction and passion
  • A gift during the honeymoon



Seen as almost mystical, the lavender rose is tied to enchantment, desire, and action. It can be used to express love at first sight for someone who stole your heart. Also, to let your sweetheart know that they have your deepest admiration. It is a great Valentine flower. Lavender-colored roses are also ideal for honoring a lost partner. 

The lavender rose is perfect for: 

  • Expressing romantic feelings and intentions
  • Testimony of love at first sight
  • Offering bouquet to a new lover



The green rose is known for its beauty in decoration. Well, it also is, according to specialists the symbolism of harmony and fertility. It is considered the best gift to please a partner after getting back together. The same applies to a family member, a friend, or a new partner. 

The green rose is perfect for: 

  • Spiritual rejuvenation
  • funeral flower
  • Peacemaking



For decades, man attempted to produce blue roses, but in vain. This is due to the fact that the petals of the blue rose naturally lack the enzyme that allows the synthesis of the blue pigment so much sought-after. In this regard, blue roses have always represented the inaccessible, expectation, and anticipation.

 The blue rose is perfect for: 

  • Telling your loved one that you believe in the evolution of your relationship
  • Showing your love to someone who seems unreachable to you
  • Reaching the impossible


Present in several works of fiction, the black rose means loss, sadness, and death. It is usually perceived as a negative omen. Yet, with its small buds that often bloom into red or purple flowers, the black rose heralds a new beginning.

The black rose is perfect for: 

  • Mourning and funerals
  • A new beginning 
  • Themed parties such as Halloween



Also known as rainbow roses, you get multicolor roses by mixing red with roses of another color. Multicolor roses traditionally symbolize happiness and joy.

The variety of colors gives it a great feeling and makes it the ideal flower to celebrate joyful moments. It can also send extra underlying messages. For example, a mixture of red and yellow roses expresses gaiety and happiness. Similarly, a mix of red and white roses symbolizes unity. Multicolored roses are excellent for conveying many positive sentiments.

 Multicolored flowers are perfect for: 

  • Celebrating joyous moments
  • Expressing sentiments and emotions
  • Sending a fun message


Roses are ideal flowers to express a variety of feelings and emotions, not just love. Now that you are aware of the meanings they convey, you can sense the message hidden behind a bouquet you have received or are trying to give someone.

Feel free to design your own bouquet of roses here.