10 Reasons Why Preserved Flowers Are a Perfect Gift

10 Reasons Why Preserved Flowers Are a Perfect Gift

We have all at some point struggled to come up with a great gift. Many occasions call for them, like a birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, or a special event like graduation or a party. It can be hard to make the choice, especially if you’re not accustomed to the expectations of whoever is receiving it.

To help narrow down your selection, we suggest flowers. But not plain and ordinary flowers, which are amazing the day you present them, but soon wither and lose their charm. Not long after, they’re gone. The pleasant memories and emotions stay for a lifetime, but sadly, the gift itself is easily forgotten.

There is a way to make the gift stick around. It’s also a gift for virtually any situation. It goes by many names - Forever Roses, Preserved Flowers, Long-lasting flowers, Infinite Roses, and others. We specialize in preserved roses, and want to show you 10 reasons why they should be your go-to gift for any occasion.

Preserved Flowers Are The Real Deal

Preserved doesn’t mean artificial. These flowers are completely natural and organic. Not only that, but they are individually hand picked, and only the best ones are used. Our Glam Fleur roses are grown in the rose fields of Ecuador in ideal conditions, and are carefully selected. After all, preserved flowers come with a much higher standard than ordinary ones, especially because they will last very long.

Preserved Flowers Last A Very Long Time

As the name implies, these flowers will outlast ordinary ones. But, by how much? Our Glam Fleur preserved roses will outlast ordinary flowers more than 50 times over. With minimal care on the owner’s behalf, they will easily last 12+ months looking fresh and lively. They will be a part of someone’s day for a year or more.

They are preserved through a completely natural dehydration process, and the best part about their long life is that they do not need water. Their maintenance is incredibly easy, which brings us to the next point.

They Are Incredibly Easy To Care For

Truly, there isn’t anything the owner has to do. It’s enough to plan out the best spot to place them. They do not need water, and prefer to be far away from water and humidity. We covered the essential tips for their maintenance here. These tips take just two minutes to read and are incredibly simple to remember. If you end up giving an arrangement, refer the recipient to the information. When they hear how little they have to do, they will probably love the gift even more.

Preserved Flowers Are Stylish

The high standards of preserved flowers don’t end with their selection. In fact, that’s where the magic begins for florists who perform their art. Preserved flowers come in an abundance of beautiful styles like Glow, Metallic, Fusion, Rainbow, and others. Each with a unique finish or arrangement style meticulously designed by florists. They feel very luxurious and artful, like a living painting, one that makes people happy.

Flowers Universally Make People Happy

Did you know that humans have an instinctual response to flowers? Seeing flowers creates an involuntary positive response, and boosts dopamine and serotonin, our happy chemicals. It’s believed we are conditioned to respond to flowers with happiness due to their color, and more importantly, the fact that they signal spring. That means, practically, flowers are a way to cheat out happiness in absolutely anyone.

There is actually an iceberg of responses flowers can create. We often say they have a language of their own.

They Send A Strong Message

Flowers are more than a courtesy. They can present a strong statement, or evoke an emotional response based on their color and arrangement. We’ve covered these topics in depth in our previous blog posts. To put it simply, you can send a very detailed message through flowers, with various shades of meaning. For example, a yellow bouquet will make a great gift to cheer someone up, and dark red roses will help you stimulate passion with your romantic interest.

We associate different colors and shades with different feelings, and by carefully picking or combining them, we can express detailed emotions without words. This message could help deepen your relationship more than any other gift could.

Preserved Flowers Are Ideal For Any Occasion

Is there any other gift that could really work for any holiday of the year, special event, or celebration? They are probably the most versatile gift that will excite both the love of your whole life and a complete stranger that you are meeting for the first time. To top it off, they make the experience more memorable and serve as a positive reminder.

You can find occasion related suggested arrangements in our store. Preserved flowers help take away your thoughts from choosing a gift, to merely finding a way to make the right gift more personal.

They Are Easy To Personalize And Send

We mentioned how color and arrangement size affect the message you’re sending. Just in case you can’t find exactly the color and size you’re looking for, you can always design your own arrangement. Maybe chic arrangements are something a minimalist friend would find special appreciation for, and large arrangements will satisfy a wife that likes big centerpiece decor.

Glam Fleur preserved roses come in luxury boxes, in multiple distinct styles. You can also attach a personalized message to the package. Most importantly, since preserved flowers are carefully packaged, they can be shipped to the recipient even if you can’t show up and hand them personally.

They Are Never Out Of Fashion

Flowers can seem bland and old-fashioned to some. We think they just haven’t seen the right ones. Ordinary bouquets that quickly fade and wither really aren’t all that fancy and modern, especially because we have less time than ever to appreciate them. But, stylish preserved roses can keep up with our needs and fashion sense.

There are hundreds of different arrangements put together by dedicated florists. A myriad of combinations that typical flowers could never explore. Add to that the fact that there are many styles of arrangement and finish, with even more constantly curated, and most people have never even seen them. Take our Glam Fleur Blue Roses as an example. Up until recently, they were incredibly rare and out of the public eye, but are now completely reviving the love for roses.

Preserved Flowers Are A Novelty Gift That Will Impress

Preserved flower arrangements are one of a kind by design. But even then, gifts are not necessarily all about value. Selecting the right arrangement speaks a lot about your commitment, understanding, and sense of care. Preserved flowers open you up to the opportunity to show your true self. The right color and setup will show how much you value someone’s personality and taste.

Unique luxury roses that last 12+ months are not something you see or hear every day, so they will easily catch someone off guard and leave them speechless. Funnily enough, what will probably impress them the most is the fact they don’t need a lot of time-consuming care. They are a gift that keeps on giving, not only with time it will last, but the time it will save.

See It For Yourself

If these ten reasons were not enough to convince you preserved flowers are unmatched as a gift, maybe you just need to see them for yourself. We invite you to browse hundreds of unique arrangements across four collections, six sizes, and various styles. You’ll surely find the right one, for the right one.

Thank you for taking an interest in preserved flowers. If you still have unanswered questions, make sure to check out our whole blog or contact us.

Until next time... stay glamorous!


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