How to Care for Your Glam Fleur Preserved Flowers

How to Care for Your Glam Fleur Preserved Flowers

If you’ve received or are planning to get an arrangement of luxury Glam Fleur roses, you may be wondering what you need to do to take the best care of them. There is no complicated maintenance involved and it’s actually very simple and straightforward. Preserved flowers do not require a lot of attention or time on your part, just proper planning.

Here’s a short list of tips to extend the lifetime of your preserved Glam Fleur flowers for as long as possible, so let's dive in.

Keep Your Preserved Flowers in Their Original Packaging

It’s best to keep your flowers in their luxury Glam Fleur box, that’s where they are the happiest. The box protects the stems from dust and environmental disturbances, and proudly displays the beautiful flower heads, arranged neatly by our professional florists. Also, the original box is the safest place for transport.

Looking to make it your own and match it to your space? You can remove the inner container or the center-piece box out of the base podium box (simply cut the ribbon on each side) and insert it into another vase of your choice that is about the same size.

Keep The Flowers Indoors

Preserved flowers need protection from the elements. Indoors, your flowers will be safe from wind, rain, fluctuating temperatures, dust, and even curious animals. Find a special spot indoors where you’ll be able to enjoy them the most.

Be Gentle With The Flowers

Like with real flowers, preserved flowers should be handled carefully, and not disturbed too much. Preserved flowers may become more fragile with age. If you need to clean the dust off of them, try to use a gentle motion with a soft feather duster, or alternatively, use a fan on low speed and no-heat mode.

Make Sure Your Flowers Are Not in Direct Sunlight

Unlike normal flowers, preserved flowers prefer to stay out of the sun. The UV rays from sunlight can discolor them and ruin the colorful style of an arrangement. Keep an eye out and move them to shade if necessary, and their colors will remain vibrant.

Keep Flowers in a Cool and Dry Environment

Certain areas of your environment may be highly humid, so it’s advisable to keep your flowers away from water sources and in a well ventilated area. This is one of the key factors to keeping your flowers lively for a long time. In general, try to completely avoid contact with water, as it could spoil the dehydration process we use. Preserved flowers do not need water.

And that’s basically everything you need to keep in mind. If you plan the right place for your arrangement from the start, avoid water exposure, and handle your flowers with care, you will ensure they last as long as possible.

Taking care of preserved flowers is much easier than fresh flowers. If this article sparked your interest in Glam Fleur, we invite you to browse our large selection of beautiful arrangements or you can also create a fully custom arrangement on our Design Your Own page. Expect them to last a long time because you’ll be able to enjoy them for over a year, especially when you follow the tips above.

Thank you for wishing to learn more about preserved flowers and we hope we answered your questions. If you would like to know anything else, feel free to contact us.


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