Glow Roses

As one of the exclusive offerings from our renowned canned roses store, these glowing blooms add an extraordinary touch to our timeless preserved roses.

Illuminated Elegance

Glam Fleur's Preserved Glow Roses combine the natural elegance of roses with a touch of enchantment. During the day, they are beautifully preserved roses, capturing the eye with their perfect bloom. Come night, these roses transform, emitting a soft glow that adds a magical ambiance to any space.

Perfect for All Occasions

Whether you're looking for a unique gift to celebrate a special moment, or you wish to enhance your home's aesthetic, our Preserved Glow Roses are a perfect choice. These roses not only make a statement but also create memorable moments with their unique glowing feature.

Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

At Glam Fleur, we are committed to providing top-tier quality in all our products. Our preserved roses are real roses, carefully selected at their prime and treated with a non-toxic solution to maintain their freshness for a year or more. The glow feature, meticulously incorporated, retains its effectiveness without compromising the roses' natural beauty.

Experience the magical blend of nature and illumination with Glam Fleur's Preserved Glow Roses. Adding a glow to your expressions of love and celebrations has never been more beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Preserved Glow Roses real roses?

Yes, our Preserved Glow Roses are real roses that have been carefully preserved to maintain their beauty for over a year.

How do the roses glow?

The roses are treated with a safe, luminescent material that absorbs light and then emits it in the dark, causing the roses to glow.

Do the Preserved Glow Roses need special care?

Like our other preserved roses, the Glow Roses require minimal care. They should be kept out of direct sunlight, excessive heat, and high humidity. They do not require water or pruning.

How long does the glow last?

The glow feature lasts as long as the preserved rose does. It is not a temporary effect but part of the preservation process.

Can I gift the Preserved Glow Roses for special occasions?

Absolutely! Our Preserved Glow Roses make an exceptional and memorable gift for any occasion or celebration.