Treat Yourself And Your Friends With Scented Candles

Treat Yourself And Your Friends With Scented Candles

Explore new worlds of adventure and comfort, of desire and harmony, as you discover the new Glam Fleur Scented Candles, available in the extravagant Désir scent or the regenerating Purete fragrance. Available in two sizes to suit all needs and hand-poured into stylish glass containers that will complete any interior arrangement, there are countless ways to enjoy them.

Add an air of luxury to your house with the Désir Candle

Do you want to feel spoiled the second you go through your door after a long day at work? Do you need something to awaken the flame within you, to help you fight mundane irritations? The custom Désir aromatic blend is comprised of three overlapping fragrances which work together fabulously to rekindle your most forgotten desires. The exotic scent of intense, warm Amber is tempered by the floral, woody aroma of Rose 31 while hints of herbaceous Tobacco ground the candle’s richness and complexity, leaving whoever gets a hint of it begging for more. The intertwining lush notes evoke the depth, style, and sophistication you’ve come to expect from Glam Fleur.

Enticing bedroom atmosphere

Light the flame to set the mood light and savor the sexy smell of the Désir Candle. and share it with your significant other. The seductive, glamorous Désir Candles make the perfect nightstand decoration, bound to excite and enamor.

Coffee table arrangement

Whether you are enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning by yourself or having your friends over for some tea and gossip like the social butterfly you are, make sure no one forgets who you are as the chic black glass containers dominate as the minimalist centerpiece of your living room. It is acceptable to show off when you deserve to!

Opulent dining room display

Let the warm, slightly sweet, exotic scent permeate your dining room, ensuring big events have the fragrance of sophistication and elegance your circle deserves. Pair it with one of our timeless rose arrangements for a visual and olfactory masterpiece.


Experience tranquility with the Purete candle

Breath out. Calm. Peace. Harmony. Breath in. Black Pepper. Cassis. Bergamot. If the intensity of Désir is not welcome in your life and you seek a calm refuge, then the strong green accord with a vibrant aura of the Purete scent will active “Do Not Disturb” in your entire body and mind. Warm Oakmoss and clean Musk will bring the feeling of burning incense sticks, while the gentle White Rose main body will drape over you like fresh snow.

Turn your balcony into a Zen oasis

Morning light on your skin, a cool breeze from outside, and the hints of exotic spices as the candle burns beside you. Awaken your mind and body and face whatever the day throws at you, knowing that you always have this divine shelter to return to.

Calming bathroom décor

Wake up inside the home spa dream and leave your body behind as the Purete scent, your favorite music, Himalayan bath salts and hot water take over every sense and bring you absolute oneness. Feel your energy flow and flourish as worries fade away.

Energy for yoga and meditation

Ensure your home gym gives you the energy and focus needed to go above and beyond what you believe possible. Find your limits and overcome them with grace and humility as the White Rose carries you forward, breath by breath.

This is not just interior decoration or romantic gift ideas. It’s an investment which promises that, as long as the candle burns and long afterwards, your home will be indulgent beyond compare. Whether you want to go on this delightfully fragrant adventure yourself with the full-sized version and enjoy the 84 hours of clean burn, or believe your partner needs to up their self-care game and you want to pamper them for over a day of continuous use with the tiny Petie Candle versions, the Glam Fleur Scented Candles are the stylish and sophisticated product you expect and deserve.


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