Shop Preserved Roses in a Ceramic Ivoire Le Luxe Vases

Shop Preserved Roses in a Ceramic Ivoire Le Luxe Vases

When it comes to giving the perfect gift, especially when you shop online, flowers in a ceramic vase are often one of the first choices. Simple yet elegant, flowers have the power to say that you’re thinking about your loved one, and the elegance to add a wonderful fragrance and a classy style to any room. Whether you’re someone who loves to shop online and gift flowers in a ceramic vase just to remind your loved one that you’re thinking about them, or you’re celebrating a special anniversary, the Ivoire Le Luxe Vases by Glam Fleur are perfect for any occasion.

Fall Holidays that are Often Celebrated with Flowers
At Glam Fleur, our goal is always to ensure that our clients and customers are prepared for every holiday season. The Ivoire Le Luxe Vases are available in two ceramic vase sizes, and the bouquet can be customized with either single color roses, or multiple flower arrangements. These options make them perfect for fall holiday celebrations, such as Veterans Day or Thanksgiving.

November is also Family Stories Month, which makes it a great time to gift your parents or grandparents these gorgeous flowers in a ceramic vase. The Ivoire Le Luxe Vases are filled with preserved roses or preserved flowers that are picked at their highest peak of freshness. At Glam Fleur we use an all-natural process to preserve the roses so that they last for 12 months or longer.

Regardless of your reason to celebrate, Glam Fleur has made it easy to shop online and order the perfect arrangement of preserved flowers and have them shipped anywhere. We have many different delivery options, which include overnight, second day, and even Saturday deliveries. If you’re in the LA area, you can even pick up your stunning order in the boutique, giving you the opportunity to hand-deliver your bouquet directly to your loved one.

roses in a ceramic vases


Why Choose the Ivoire Le Luxe Vase from Glam Fleur?
The Ivoire Le Luxe Vase from Glam Fleur is the perfect way to effortlessly add elegance to any room and contains between 40 and 50 perfectly preserved roses. There are a variety of color options, allowing you to choose either fall colors, or your loved one’s favorite color. Give the gift of glamour and show your loved one how much they are cherished and loved. Since the arrangement lasts 12 months or longer, your gift will provide your loved one with year-round luxury.

The Ivoire Le Luxe Vase from Glam Fleur is easy to care for, since they don’t have to be watered. As long as you resist touching the roses and keep them out of sunlight or high heat they’ll stay stunning for up to 3 years! The only thing that needs to be done, is to simply enjoy these elegant flowers in their chic ceramic vase.

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