Shop Forever Roses in a Box With The Exclusive Luxury Collections

Shop Forever Roses in a Box With The Exclusive Luxury Collections

Why buy preserved roses in a box? The exclusive new Glam Fleur box collection allows you to shop for our signature preserved Ecuadorian rose arrangements, personally designed by our experienced florists, delivered in stylish boxes that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ensuring they are the centerpiece of any room.

The boxes are available in 4 colors (Blanche, Noir, Montagé and Rosé), and in a variety of shapes depending on your needs and budget. The roses themselves are naturally preserved Ecuadorian roses at the peak of their freshness, available in the variety of chic colors you’ve come to expect and uniquely prepared by highly trained floral designers. No matter what signification your gift has, we have the perfect box color and rose combination. Treat yourself and your loved ones with the unique beauty of this continuous bloom, bound to last over a year.

Romantic Gift

grande round box with pink roses


Long-stemmed, thorny red roses are the timeless and universal symbol of romantic love. What better way to show your burning passion than with the exclusive Noir Grande Round Baby Pink bouquet? The majestic 40 to 50 roses are set in Grande Round midnight-black boxes with gold accents, bringing sensuality beyond compare and unparalleled elegance to any room. Never out of fashion, they are the perfect gift to show your love, commitment, and intense passion for your significant other, whether on Valentine’s Day, your wedding anniversaries or their birthday.

Dining Room Centerpiece

square box with white oregano fusion roses


Do you have special guests coming over and want to impress them with an opulent and sophisticated display? Consider adding one of our Noir Square White Oregano Fusion preserved roses displays to capture the attention of anyone entering your dining room with the 18 stunning roses. Forever rose boxes can improve any dining room’s aesthetic and are perfect for holidays, special meals, and dinner parties.

Make a Feel Like a Princess

heart candy rainbow roses in a box


Surprise your daughter, niece or granddaughter! While unicorns are sadly not real, you can make any young lady’s room feel like a magical castle with the playful and wild Rosé Heart Candy Rainbow box. Set in our luxury fashion house-inspired Heart rose-pink luxury box with silver accents, the 28 roses will bring joy to any young princess' life.

Defeat Distance

blue lavender fusion roses arrangement


Longing to see someone is difficult, but true love can defeat any obstacle. The breath-taking Blanche Square Blue Lavender Fusion arrangement features an assortment of 12-16 large roses and a mix of hydrangeas. Set in our timeless luxury Square classic white boxes with bronze accents. They'll stay beautiful for 12+ months (and last up to three years with proper care). The Blanche Collection's long-lasting preserved floral arrangements are ideal for elevating any space. Perfect gifts for you or for them. Available in a few sizes to fit every occasion and person. Their true rose aroma lasts for months. Immortalize the feeling of love at first sight and remind your partner of your love no matter the distance with our US-wide delivery options.

From the start of our journey, the Glam Fleur team had a single mission: to bring happiness to your home and to your loved ones. Whether you need a design that shows gratitude, appreciation, romance, or friendship, the joy and positivity from being surrounded by beautiful roses will always be needed. Enticed by the gift experience that keeps on giving? You can find our forever roses in the top US cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago and Houston, or have them delivered in 3 days anywhere.

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