Complete Guide to 20 Rose Color Meanings

Complete Guide to 20 Rose Color Meanings

Finding the right rose color is like finding the right words to express your emotions. Sometimes we are just not sure what to say. Whichever message you’re looking to send, the right rose can deliver a whole essay around it. And if you pick Glam Fleur preserved roses, the message will stay around for a year to come.

We want to help you pick the right one, and show you that their meanings are already clear, just unexplored. Below are 20 rose colors and their distinct, special meanings that will serve as your message without words.

White Roses

White roses have carried a variety of authentic and honest meanings, such as love, humility, respect, hope, and sometimes new beginnings. In modern times, in most cultures, white roses carry a strong message of purity and innocence. They are most commonly associated with weddings and bridal bouquets, symbolizing a pure youthful innocence and commitment. They are also viewed as a token of honest, benevolent intention.

Since white is the purest, most compatible color, it’s possible to combine white roses with nearly every other color. An arrangement featuring white roses can amplify the good intentions and honesty of other included colors.


Yellow Roses

Yellow is a color we strongly associate with positivity, happiness, and pleasant vibes. As such, yellow roses are commonly identified with showing friendship, care, support, and amicable ties. However, it’s believed that giving yellow roses to a potential romantic interest could send the wrong message of the relationship being platonic. Instead, they are the ideal roses to give to family, friends, neighbors, and community members, or anyone who needs a little extra sunshine and positivity.


Ivory Roses

Visually, ivory roses share a similarity to white ones, with the difference of a warm yellow tint. Likewise, their meaning is similar, just with a slightly different tone. Ivory roses typically represent purity, charm, thoughtfulness and gracefulness. They are a great way of showing care, affection and admiration. Similarly to yellow roses, ivory roses are commonly thought of as signs of platonic love and care, without romantic intentions.


Peach Roses

These roses carry multiple branching meanings. Peach is commonly associated with the feminine side, youth, innocence. These roses are typically a symbol of sincerity, innocent affection, care, gratitude, and warm feelings. They are an excellent way of showing gratitude, admiration, and thoughtful care.

Despite the tenderness and innocence that is usually associated with them, they are not necessarily platonic in character. They are a tasteful way of showing pure, sincere warmth and interest in a lasting relationship. It shouldn’t surprise you that peach roses are a common engagement gift.


Cream Roses

As with white and ivory, cream represents yet another shade of pure, benevolent intentions, with a unique tone. Cream roses can be a very special way of reminding someone that you care. The main emotion behind them is thoughtfulness, as well as positive wishes. They are a fantastic gift for a sick person, someone in recovery, or someone in need of care and reassurance. That’s not to say they can't be romantic too. Giving them to a person of interest is a modest way of saying you keep thinking about them and wish them well. To summarize, cream roses perfectly reflect an emotional investment in someone’s well-being.


Orange Roses

Orange roses symbolize elevated energy, excitement, and booming feelings. They can be thought of as a mixture of passionate red roses, and happy, positive yellow ones. As such, they create an atmosphere of increasing desire and gratitude. As a gift, orange roses are a way to show the positive energy your relationship brings, and can signalize the growing desire to elevate it to a new level.


Salmon Roses

Salmon is reminiscent of orange, with a pink tone, and the roses themselves are typically more colorful, eye-catching, and elegant. These roses share the same positive and passionate message of orange ones, but in a stylish, more enthusiastic tone. As a romantic gift, they will be easier to read and appreciate than orange roses. Their pink tint gives off an excited, direct message.


Coral Roses

Coral is the darker counterpart to salmon. It still shares a lot of similarities to orange roses, namely the developing feelings it represents. The darker shade brings in a lot of mystery and helps captivate the recipient. Coral roses are a good way of signaling that your emotions towards a significant person have matured, and have taken on a new form. Appreciation for coral roses is greatest in more grounded people, who would find orange too playful for their taste.


Pink Roses

We arrive at one of the most classical symbols of love and appreciation. Pink roses are inherently gentle, elegant, and connect with the feminine side of emotions. They carry a different tone based on shade. Darker and more intense shades, like hot pink, tip the scale more towards gratitude, appreciation, and admiration. Lighter shades, such as light pink, or neon pink, indicate sweeter feelings such as joy, happiness, and even emotional interest. What all shades of pink roses share is the appreciation of one’s femininity and soft side.


Red Roses

Red roses are the timeless symbol of passion universally understood by anyone. They are the most common Valentine’s Day gift in the world. The three strongest characteristics of red roses are thought to be symbols of love, commitment, and intense passion. Even if they are the most common gift, that doesn’t mean they are out of fashion. Different shades of red and different arrangements can catch anyone by surprise. If showing commitment and passion is the goal, they are irreplaceable.


Lavender Roses

Lavender is one of the most romantic colors, together with red. The appeal of lavender roses takes a different form from classical reds. Instead of direct, flowing passion, lavender signifies a captivated approach. Almost as if the rose giver was mesmerized in adoration and love at first sight. Lavender roses can be summarized as expressing a sudden moment of enchantment, followed by emotional longing.


Green Roses

Green symbolizes nature, life force, and constant renewal of energy. Many cultures view green as a symbol of abundance and fertility. It’s safe to say green roses can represent a token of encouragement, positivity, and comfort. They are a great way to show emotional support and belief in someone. In a romantic setting, they can help illustrate a positive, abundant year on an anniversary of an engagement or wedding.


Mint Roses

Mint roses share some similarities to green ones. Their bright green tone evokes a feeling of freshness, force, fertility, and cheerfulness. They are universally seen as positive and refreshing, and make great gifts for transitions in life. Be it birthday, engagement, graduation, or even childbirth, mint roses can help a person feel refreshed, positive, and encouraged. They can evoke a sigh of relief, or show your support to someone going through changes in life’s pace.


Blue Roses

Blue roses usually carry a very heavy tone of longing. They can represent different shades of longing, such as longing to see someone, or longing for a moment in the past. Similarly to lavender, they give off a vibe of love at first sight, but one that is more mysterious and possibly unattainable. Blue is commonly associated with sadness, and can reinforce the message of wishing to be with someone. Blue roses are a way to emotionally express a platonic relationship, or distance.


Violet Roses

Violet is commonly seen as very similar to purple, but a creative person will sense a difference in its tone. It’s a color commonly associated with sensitivity, personality, depth and expanse, such as that of the night sky and galaxies. Violet roses hold on to such impressions of curiosity, and symbolize deep interest. This interest doesn’t necessarily revolve around romance, but also around intellect and emotions. Violet roses show a desire to know more about someone, as well as appreciation for their depth of personality.


Purple Roses

Purple roses are seen as expressing enchantment and love. The accent they bring is royalty and uniqueness, as purple has throughout history been a rare color, reserved only for special occasions. Purple roses also represent looking up to someone. They will help show your love interest how valued and special they are, like royalty.


Rainbow Roses

The ultimate combination of happiness and pleasant vibes is found in rainbow roses. They are the most colorful of all, and evoke a cheerful response. Also, the rainbow is a common sign of relief, freedom and acceptance. They can make a sad person cheer up, or an already happy person ecstatic. As such, they can be considered the universal way of elevating someone’s mood.


Burgundy Roses

Burgundy roses are considered as carriers of deep passion and admiration. Their meaning is similar to red roses, but they tip the scale from emotions of love, to those of passion and desire. That’s not to say love is left out of the equation. They build upon love by offering even more than what’s on the table. Burgundy roses make a great gift to spice up the love life, reignite a spark, or deepen the investment in someone.

Black Roses

Black roses are wrongly seen as taboo. The way they have commonly been portrayed in fiction has led many people to associate them with dark feelings and abrupt endings. In reality, black roses carry a meaning of new beginnings, and understanding towards someone’s roadblocks. They are a good way of showing support to someone going through a sudden change in life. They are more than perfect for lovers of dark aesthetics.

Multicolored Roses

In reality, it’s impossible to cover every type of rose. Single colors are in the dozens, and roses with multiple colors are virtually countless. What’s common among all multicolored roses is that they feel cheerful. It’s our natural reaction to colorful things. Also, many symbols of the single-color roses are still present, just less pronounced.

A rule of thumb would be that more colors will lead to a more pleasant, carefree vibe, and fewer colors would result in a more apparent feeling or message, based on those few colors.

They Are A Novelty Gift For Any Occasion!

The best way to understand a rose is to get a good look at it and feel what it’s saying to your heart. Glam Fleur has all of these colors, and many more shades and types, which you can freely explore in our web store. You can also get creative and design your own arrangement using what you learned above.

Thank you for wishing to learn more about the language of roses, and we hope that you will use it to communicate with the people around you. It’s better than words could ever be.


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