The Art of Preserving Roses: Glam Fleur's Secret

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The Magic of Preserved Roses

Have you ever wondered how to make a rose last forever? At Glam Fleur, we've mastered the art. Using techniques inspired by nature and refined over the years, we've developed a preservation process that ensures our roses retain their fresh, natural look and feel. This process is the culmination of years of research, dedication, and a passion for delivering only the best to our customers.

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    Why choose Glam Fleur Roses?

    Freshness at its best:

    We hand-pick 100% authentic Ecuadorian roses when they're at their most radiant. Ecuadorian roses are known worldwide for their unparalleled beauty and size. By selecting these roses, we ensure a premium experience for our customers.

    Quality over quantity:

    Only the finest blooms make the cut. Each rose undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the most pristine and flawless roses are selected for preservation.

    Nature's Touch:

    Our all-natural preservation process ensures that our roses retain their beauty for over a year. This method, while rooted in traditional techniques, has been refined with modern technology to ensure longevity without compromising the natural charm of the rose.

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      Experience the Glam Fleur Difference

      Our roses aren't just about looks; they're about longevity. Unlike regular roses that last 3-4 days, our preserved roses can grace your space for up to two years. And the best part? They do not need water or sunlight. Just place them in a cool, dry place away from dust and let their beauty shine. This longevity is not only a testament to our preservation process, but also to the quality of the roses we select.

      More than just roses

      Glam Fleur is more than a brand; it's a luxury floral experience. Our Los Angeles-based team of floral designers pours their passion into every piece, ensuring that you receive luxury roses that last over a year. Our creations aren't just about aesthetics; they're about emotion. Each rose tells a story, and with Glam Fleur, that story lasts for years. Whether it's gratitude, romance or friendship, our roses are a testament to timeless values.

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      Tips for caring for your preserved roses

      Want to make your Glam Fleur roses last even longer? Here's how:

      • Store them in their original packaging. This not only protects them, but also ensures that they remain in a pristine environment designed for their longevity.
      • Avoid touching them too often. While they are preserved, they still retain the delicate nature of fresh roses.
      • Keep them out of direct sunlight and high heat. This will keep the color vibrant and the petals soft.

      The perfect gift for any occasion

      Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just because, preserved roses are the ultimate gift. They symbolize eternal commitment, making them perfect for any occasion. From birthdays to anniversaries, from apologies to congratulations, a Glam Fleur rose speaks volumes. Explore our exclusive collections and find the perfect arrangement for your loved ones.

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