How To Arrange Roses In A Vase: Simple Tips And Tricks

How To Arrange Roses In A Vase: Simple Tips And Tricks

If you are wondering how to arrange roses in a vase, we are here to help you, whether you want to try your hand at arranging roses or have already decided to use our professional services. A stunning rose arrangement can instantly elevate a room and adds a fresh splash of color to any setting.

If you are determined to try it yourself, the only materials you need are a vase, scissors, and roses in the color of your choosing – and a lot of patience and dexterity.

First, the roses should be picked with a theme in mind. Consult our guide on the meaning of rose colors to decide which fits your project best. The number of roses chosen can also influence the meaning of the arrangement. Fifty roses show unconditional love, while gifting someone you are fond of with 12 single roses is a simple way to ask them to be yours.

Once selected, the roses need to be trimmed to ensure they are the height of their esthetic value. This includes cutting the stems to ensure the desired length, pruning away the excess leaves and thorns and the removal of damaged petals.

how to arrange 24 roses in a vase


Once the roses are prepared, the arranging can start. If you want a grandiose arrangement, you can make the composition look fuller by staggering the heights of the roses. The roses that are on the outside of the arrangement are usually 1 to 2 inches shorter than the ones that will be in the center, to create the beautiful “dome” effect. The roses are made to look firm by crisscrossing their stems as they are placed inside the vase.

Whether you are wondering how to arrange 12 roses, 24 roses or even 50, these general tips are all you need to get started. Want to offer the gift of glamour without going through the trouble of arranging the roses yourself? Our online builder allows you to design rose arrangements and preview them, ensuring your satisfaction. The Ivoire Le Luxe Vases comes with ready-made arrangements prepared by our professional florists, each featuring between 40 and 60 preserved roses depending on the size you opt for.

Do you want to arrange dozens of red roses for your partner to show your passion and commitment? The splendid ceramic design beautifully complements their fiery petals. Do you prefer white roses to add elegance and an air of freshness and innocence to your living room? Or perhaps the otherworldly beauty of our Ocean Blue roses has enchanted you?

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The Chic size offers over 40-50 roses in a 11' x 3.9' ivory vase. The lustrous texture complements any rose color, and the smaller size makes it perfect for nightstands, coffee tables and bathroom displays. The beauty of the professionally arranged forever roses is almost hypnotizing, ensuring an air of sophistication wherever they are found.

The Grand vase offers up to 50-60 roses in an opulent 18' x 4.8' ceramic display. These opulent displays are bound to fascinate and enamor any guests if placed as a display on your dining room table, or to boost the mood and refreshen the personality of an office setting.

The sleek, signature vases are the easiest and most grandiose way to display our naturally preserved Ecuadorian roses, no matter which color caught your eye and for what occasion you need them. This beautiful bouquet will stay fresh and vibrant for 12+ months and with proper care their life can be extended up to three years, making it a truly timeless centerpiece for any room.

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